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Prototyping & Product Development

Panova provides our clients with a dedicated, single source to bring a product from conception to production. Our experienced engineers and designers take a holistic approach to transform your concept into new solutions that solve real-world problems.

Technical Brainstorm

Our clients are an integral member of our design team. In our technical review, our team works with clients to gain a complete understanding of what defines a successful design. During our Technical Brainstorms, we take the time to learn from our clients the details of the project’s application, environment, target market, and end-user.


Reverse Engineering

For what you may not be able to provide or quantify, our experience in a variety of industries can serve as a valuable resource. It is not uncommon that our clients approach us with an existing product and explain their vision of how it can be optimized or used in new applications. Based on this information, we are able to reverse engineer and perform a functional analysis of the components to help establish parameters for a new design.


Manufacturing Process Analysis

Our team makes a concerted effort to design products that streamline manufacturing and eliminate “in the field” issues as early as possible while adhering to the design parameters. Using SolidWorks, our engineering team provides 3D models and 2D engineering drawings that can be generated from scratch or as the result of a reworked original model given to Panova by the client.



Once our team and client have come to a design they each feel good about, we move into product prototyping:

  • 3D printed samples in a variety of materials and durometers
  • Functional mock-ups from a combination of different manufacturing processes
  • Samples from prototype tooling using the proposed production manufacturing process

These form, fit, and function samples give the entire team an “up close” feel for the proposed design before committing to the final design and production tooling. These samples often help alleviate potential concerns and allow the client to see details about the design they may have originally missed when looking at a drawing or rendering.


Design Validation & Tooling

At this point, the design is ready to be tooled. Panova aids in developing tool designs and DFM’s to ensure that the tooling will not affect any design criteria. Once tooling has been designed and built, first article samples are run. Typically, our client will receive two parts from each cavity of the tool, or two “heats.”  First articles are bagged and labeled according to tool cavity number and submitted with full dimensional detail inspection reports. Additional samples may be provided at the client’s request.


Product Validation

After sample approval by our client, the product is moved into the production validation stage. Should any changes be needed after review of first articles, Panova will carefully review these changes to ensure we fully understand not just the “what” but the “why” as well. Changes to the tool or process are made, and another round of samples are run, inspected, and submitted for client approval.


Testing & Certification

As a final step to validating the product, Panova is able to recommend and offer third-party testing and certification for our designs to such standards as ISO, UL, and ASTM. Panova also offers both photography and digital renderings of the product for client marketing use.

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