Love Care Lift

Love Care Lift is an initiative founded by Ehren Dimitry whose focus is to be a positive influence in the world. Ehren’s feeling about business is that “behind every transaction, there is a person.” It is from that perspective that Love Care Lift was born. The emphasis is to do everything with high intentions.

There are five vehicles of care where the organization will minister. The first is a card ministry that will bring words of praise, thanks, and encouragement. Second, just as we would welcome friends into our home, we want to do the same at Panova locations. We have opened a Guest Care Center that offers water, snacks, supplies, and other materials to visitors and truck drivers who deliver our inventory daily. We will get involved regionally in two missional events annually — possibly building homes, serving food at our county homeless shelters, or other community-based initiatives.

Finally, Panova sponsors children in challenging situations in an effort to positively influence future generations. Ehren hopes thousands of children will be sponsored in the ensuing years.

It is Ehren’s desire to invite Panova’s New Jersey and Shanghai teams and their families, stakeholders, clients, and suppliers to join alongside him in these endeavors.

“My faith in God is a central part of my life and I desire to be an organization that honors God in all we do,” Ehren said. “Loving, caring, and lifting others up is a great way to do that which everyone can get behind. You never know when an act of kindness will save someone’s life or be paid forward in unbelievable ways. The cascading effect will be beautiful to witness.”

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