Liquid Injection Molding Services

Liquid Injection Molding Explained

Liquid injection molding, sometimes referred to as LIM or LSR (liquid silicone rubber), delivers the shortest cure/cycle time. In this process, a two-part silicone is fed into a mixing head through hydraulic ram pressure. From this mixing head, the mixed liquid silicone is fed into an injection barrel. From this barrel, the mixed liquid silicone is funneled into a runner system and mold cavity via hydraulic or electric ram pressure.

The liquid silicone is cured through the heating of the material from the hold mold. The curing time of liquid injection molding is usually about one-third to one-sixth the time required for solid or gum rubber. The cured rubber part is removed and allowed to cool, with any excess material trimmed.

The Advantages of Liquid Injection Molded Rubber Products

  • Liquid silicone is cost-effective: It is a highly cost-effective solution for custom molded rubber parts.
  • Liquid silicone is an excellent sealing material: Thus liquid injection molding is the ideal manufacturing method for many types of custom seals.
  • Liquid injection molding is a relatively clean rubber manufacturing process: It creates minimal waste, adding to the overall sustainability of your products.

Quality Liquid Injection Molding Services

Since 1977, Panova has provided quality-backed rubber molding and plastic molding services to OEMs, contract manufacturers, parts distributors, assemblers, and suppliers throughout the world. We have continually expanded upon our custom manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers with a complete supply chain solution – from new product development, engineering, and prototyping to the high-volume production of existing products.

Our company supports manufacturers who face technical or service challenges with their product development and contract manufacturing needs. Unlike vendors who compete as quoting machines, we leverage our engineering and supply chain expertise to become trusted partners, shaping solutions together with our clients.

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