Plastic Injection Molding Services

Panova specializes in the manufacturing of custom injection molded plastics and components. Our facility utilizes advanced, highly repeatable production processes to ensure absolute quality and consistency. Efficient and economical, our injection molding services are capable of producing a wide range of custom plastic components, from simple parts to precision products with close tolerances and complex geometries.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Solutions, Overmolding, and Insert Molding

Panova offers complete custom molded plastic solutions from sub-miniature to large parts, from simple to advanced in design complexity. Backed by decades of combined experience in the industry, our engineers can determine the appropriate technology to use in developing your unique products. We offer extensive experience in working with the modern plastic molding industry’s most state-of-the-art production technologies. Our manufacturing expertise and flexibility allows Panova to develop the ideal custom-molded plastic solution for each and every one of our clients.

Single-Shot Injection Molding

Single-shot injection molding, also known as one-shot or one-step molding , injects plastic materials into mold cavities. The process is streamlined to manufacture finished products as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Despite the relative simplicity of the single-shot molding process, Panova is still able to produce complex plastic parts that are designed for manufacturability and optimized for performance in their respective applications.

Multi-Shot Injection Molding

Panova also provides multi-shot injection molding capabilities. Multi-shot molding is the injection of two or more materials, in sequence, into a mold during a single molding cycle. The specialized injection molding machine is equipped with two or more plasticators.

Essentially, the multi-shot process enables us to overmold multiple plastic materials within a single injection cycle. This allows for more freedom in product design, as well as potential performance advantages through the application of unique materials science.

Plastic Overmolding

Plastic overmolding, also known as multi-material molding, is a manufacturing process in which two or more plastic materials are combined to create a single finished product. Panova’s overmolding services begin with a base plastic material (referred to as the substrate), then mold over the top of the base with a second material (referred to as the overmold) in subsequent operations.

Our custom plastic overmolding services allow for the creation of complex components which are materially optimized. Products are often multi-functional parts which combine the advantages of different materials with varying, complementary properties. For example, overmolded plastics are often used to engineer products with better ergonomics, such as an enhanced grip and comfort. Overmolding is also commonly used to add strength and/or flexibility within a product design, as well as for aesthetic enhancements.

Insert Molding

Panova’s custom insert molding services are capable of forming complex plastic components around preformed inserts. This process is compatible with both thermoplastic and thermoset materials, making it an extremely flexible option for a variety of contract manufacturing projects.

Insert molding is the process of molding plastic material around preformed inserts made from metal, ceramics, and other rigid materials. This highly versatile custom-forming process is compatible with thermoplastic as well as thermoset materials. As the name suggests, insert molding combines these materials and other plastics with rugged or rigid inserts that give your molded plastics increased durability and robustness in crucial locations, and/or provide threaded mounting options for assembly.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Since 1977, Panova has provided quality custom plastic molding solutions to OEMs, contract manufacturers, parts distributors, assemblers, and suppliers throughout the world. We have continually expanded upon our custom manufacturing capabilities in order to provide our clients with a complete supply chain solution – from new product development, engineering, and prototyping to the high-volume production of new or existing products.

Our company supports manufacturers who face technical or service challenges with their product development and contract manufacturing needs. Unlike vendors who compete as quoting machines, we leverage our engineering and supply chain expertise to become trusted partners, shaping solutions together with our clients.

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