Switch Seals and Rubber Seal Boots

Switch Seal Boots

Panova’s Switch Seals are elastomeric boots that create a reliable seal, protecting a switch and internal components against hazardous foreign elements.

Our Switch Seal is a one-piece component constructed of a flexible rubber boot element that is bonded to a threaded metal insert during molding. This insert fully encapsulates the switch and bushing to the panel. This assembly replaces the panel mounting nut and seals the mounting hole, making it watertight. It also eliminates any need for gaskets or packings.

Panova’s Switch Seal Boots are designed to protect against moisture, oil, dirt, dust, most solvents and many acids. Our Switch Boots also provide vibration-resistant mounting and act as double insulation with no interference to switch movement.

Whether your organization requires a small quantity of Seal Boots or needs to buy in bulk, you can trust that the Panova team can meet your needs.

An Overview of Different Types of Seal Boots

Panova produces several different types of rubber Switch Seals, also referred to as Switch Boots. Our full product lineup of Seal Boots encompasses Toggle Switch Seal Boots, Push Button Switch Seal Boots, Rotary Switch Seal Boots, and even Custom Switch Seal Boots, for clients requiring special parts.

Switch Seals-1100 Series Toggle Boot Grouping

Toggle Switch Seal Boots

Panova’s toggle switch seal boots are built for use with toggle switches. These products protect switches’ internal components from contaminants, such as water, oil, dust, solvents and acids.

Our toggle switch boots are available in full-size, half-size, constricted full-size, constricted half-size and miniature switch boot versions. All of these seal boot sizes perform to the product’s standard, and most of these sizes are designed to meet military specifications, or MIL-SPEC.

Panova can produce custom Toggle Switch Boots according to your specifications.

Switch Seals - 2100 Series Push Button Group

Push Button Switch Seal Boots

Panova’s push button switch seal boots are designed to be used with push button switches. Just as with Toggle Switch Boots, Push Button Switch Seal Boots shield internal switch components from water, oil, dust, solvents, acids and other contaminants.

Push Button Switch Seal Boots are available in typical push button, push button with tip and open boot varieties, with all these sizes performing to the product standard. Most sizes are MIL-SPEC compatible.

Panova can produce custom Push Button Switch Seal Boots based on your unique specifications.

Switch Seals-Rotary & Potentiometer Switch Boot Grouping

Rotary Switch Seal Boots

Rotary Seal Boots manufactured by Panova are produced to be used with rotary switches. These rotary and potentiometer Switch Seal Boots protect switches’ internal components from contaminants, including water, oil, dust, solvents and acids.

Our Rotary Switches seal off the rotary shaft and switch panel, and most sizes we produce meet MIL-SPEC.

Specialized Switch Seal Boots

Custom Switch Seal Boots

Finally, Panova’s custom Switch Boots are flexible components designed to keep dust, moisture and any other contaminants from affecting areas near shafts, levers, electrical wires and hoses.

Our specialized Switch Seals are available in several standard sizes and can be tailor-made to your specifications.

Quality Switch Seal Boot Manufacturing with Rugged Materials

Panova’s Seal Boots are made of metal and rubber, with the latter made up of either silicone or neoprene. Our silicone and neoprene materials are resistant to water, moisture, oil, dirt, dust, most solvents, and many acids.

Silicone Seal Boot Material Specifications

Our silicone-based Seal Boots elastomer conforms to A-A-59588, Class 3A and has an operating temperature of
–103 degrees Fahrenheit (–75 degrees Celsius) to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). The shelf life is 20 years or more if stored under proper conditions.

Neoprene Seal Boot Material Specifications

Our neoprene-based Seal Boots elastomer is characterized as ASTM D2000 M2BC507. Its operating temperature ranges from –4 degrees Fahrenheit (–20 degrees Celsius) to 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius). Our neoprene-based rubber seal boots can be stored for 15 years under proper conditions.

Custom Switch Boots Manufactured for a Range of Industries and Applications

Switch Boots applications are varied. They provide the perfect seal for electronic components, creating a tight-fitting seal that can protect the integrity of internal components and extend the life of sensitive and, often, expensive equipment.

From aerospace equipment, automotive equipment and electronic control panels to medical equipment, security equipment and telecommunications, Panova’s switch seal boots are used to safeguard equipment in many industries.

Let’s explore some industries making special use of Panova’s quality-backed Switch Seal Boots.

Industrial Switch Boots for Manufacturing Applications

Manufacturing high-quality, reliable switch boots is required to ensure powerful equipment components receive the protection they need to extend service life and guarantee continued performance. Panova’s switch seal boots are widely used in the manufacturing industry and industrial sector thanks to the effectiveness and affordability of our products.

Marine Switch Boots for Boating Applications and Commercial Watercraft

Marine switch boots are utilized to ensure moisture, oil, and other contaminants remain at bay from delicate equipment. Panova’s switch seal boots can provide the kind of high-quality protection marine equipment requires.

Fire and Safety Switch Boots

Panova’s switch seal boots are also used in the fire and safety industries. Our dependable and durable seal boots are ideal for use with a range of equipment in these industries.

The Industry’s Leading Manufacturer for Quality Rubber Switch Seal Boots

Panova is a highly reputed manufacturer of Switch Seal Boots for a wide range of products. We’ve become known as the go-to company for hard-to-manufacture products for a variety of specialized sealing applications. It can be challenging for businesses to find high-quality and cost-effective parts to ensure your business’ profitability. Our goal is to serve as a trusted partner of your business in delivering reliable sealing solutions you require at affordable prices that fit your budget.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to request a quote from Panova, our friendly and helpful support team is standing by and would be happy to assist you.

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