Precision CNC Machining Services and Screw Machining

Panova provides custom CNC machining services capable of producing precision metal components with complex, close-tolerance designs. Utilizing the latest CNC milling machines and screw machining technology, Panova is able to achieve superior accuracy, quality, and consistency.

We can manufacture virtually any custom metal component in addition to our precision CNC machined plastics. Backed by decades of innovative experience in the metalworking industry, our engineers know what it takes to design and produce unique metal products through an optimized manufacturing process.

CNC Machining and Multi-Axis Milling

Panova’s custom CNC milling capabilities can produce virtually any metal component accurately and repeatably. Our CNC machining services rely upon a selection of multi-axis milling machines and CNC turning centers to accommodate a wider range of difficult-to-produce parts with complex machining requirements.

Our common custom-machined products include small parts and micro-components, as well as metal inserts in support of insert molding and rubber bonding projects. Panova strives to provide our customers with a single-source solution for their rubber, plastic, and metal manufacturing needs.

Screw Machining

Panova’s CNC machining solutions include screw machining optimized for the manufacturing of small parts with close-tolerance geometries. These machines are best-suited for long, slender or cylindrical parts effectively, providing enhanced stability, precision, and control when compared to conventional turning lathes.

Examples of Panova’s Custom Machined Metal Components:

  • Custom metal inserts
  • Machined brackets and mounting plates
  • Micro-machined components

A Single Source for Quality Molded Products and Metal Manufacturing Services

Panova’s custom CNC machining services provide our customers with a reliable source for their precision metal products. Combining state-of-the-art CNC milling, turning, and screw machining technology, we are able to offer a streamlined manufacturing solution for custom metal parts in addition to our rubber and plastic molding capabilities. Our other metal manufacturing services also include stamping, fabrication, die casting and wire forming, as well as specialized processes such as photochemical etching.

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