Other Custom Plastic Molding Solutions

Panova specializes in producing high-quality custom molded plastic solutions. We use a wide range of technologies—from injection molding and thermoforming to vacuum forming, blow molding and extrusion—to create your component or product.

The Panova engineering team’s extensive knowledge of plastics and manufacturing technology enables us to offer a variety of plastic molding technologies. Our wide range of manufacturing technologies suit the diverse production needs of many different product applications and component requirements. By offering numerous plastic molding processes supported by our complete product development capabilities, Panova is able to achieve a truly optimized manufacturing solution.

An Optimized Manufacturing Process for Your Plastic Molded Products:

Panova specializes in custom injection molding services for quality rubbers and plastics. We offer a complete range of additional plastic manufacturing solutions to better accommodate the unique requirements of every project:

Blow Molding

Our custom blow molding services provide both quick turnaround and cost-efficiency to your project. This manufacturing process forms hollow articles such as bottles and tanks precisely formed to the shape of the mold cavity.

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

The thermoforming process involves forming a thermoplastic sheet into a 3-D shape by clamping the sheet in a frame, heating the material to render it soft and flowable, and then applying differential pressure to make the sheet conform to the shape of a mold or die positioned below the frame. With vacuum forming, a heated plastic sheet is drawn against a mold surface by evacuating the air between it and the mold.

Custom Machined Plastics

Panova’s complete plastic manufacturing capabilities include custom machined plastics and components. Some materials cannot be injection molded, but can still be cost-effectively produced through CNC machining. In other cases, simple designs that could be injection molded are better off being machined to save on tooling costs and lead times.

Utilizing advanced multi-axis milling machines and screw machining centers, Panova can accommodate most requirements for precision tolerances and complex design features. We specialize in the machining of high-strength rigid plastics and engineering polymers including PTFE and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Panova Can Satisfy Your Business’ Need for a Custom Molded Plastic Solution

Thousands of different plastic materials are available on the open market. Finding an exact specification can often be burdensome for clients. Based on product requirements or environmental specifications, Panova can specify the optimal plastic material for your product.

This is where the Panova team comes in. Backed by decades of combined expertise in materials science, we take a holistic approach to the selection of plastics by considering the industry, application, and long-term material availability to ensure the success of your product or component.

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