Custom Plastic Molding Services

Panova specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality, custom-molded plastics. We use a wide range of advanced production technologies—from injection molding and thermoforming to blow molding and extrusion—to create extremely accurate plastic components or fully complete products.

Our extensive knowledge of plastics and molding technology enables us to offer a variety of plastic molding technologies. We offer an array of manufacturing technologies to suit the diverse needs of many different product applications. Supported by our complete product development capabilities, Panova is able to achieve a truly optimized production solution for every unique project.

Contract Manufacturing Services for Custom-Molded Plastic Products

Panova’s custom plastic molding services rely upon numerous advanced manufacturing technologies—from injection molding to blow molding and extrusion. Our flexibility enables our engineers to develop the ideal molding solution for each customer’s unique requirements. We commonly manufacture custom-molded plastic products ranging in size from sub-miniature to large, from simple to highly complex designs.

Injection Molding Services

Panova provides custom injection molding services for virtually any plastic part, from sub-miniature to large components and complex assemblies. Backed by decades of unique experience in the molded product industry, our engineers can determine the optimized path developing your products and bringing them to market.

Other Plastic Molding Solutions

In addition to injection molding, Panova offers various other plastic manufacturing capabilities to support the wide range of production applications possible. Our other plastic molding services include thermoforming, blow molding, and extrusion, as well as custom CNC machined plastics.

Panova Can Satisfy Your Business’ Need for a
Custom-Molded Plastic Solution

Thousands of different plastic materials are available on the open market. Finding an exact specification can often be burdensome for clients. Based on product requirements or environmental specifications, Panova can specify the optimal plastic material for your product.

This is where the Panova team comes in. Backed by decades of combined expertise in materials science, we take a holistic approach to the selection of plastics by considering the industry, application, and long-term material availability to ensure the success of your product or component.


Our Durable Molded Plastic Materials Meet the Industry Requirements of Today

Our team is able to provide materials that meet many common industry requirements. These include ink adhesion standards, snap-fit applications in which cyclical deformation occurs, and many more applications in which high strength and impact resistance are essential.

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