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Custom Molded Plastic Solutions

Panova specializes in plastics molding solutions to produce your custom components. Panova uses injection molding, thermoforming / vacuum forming, blow molding, and extrusion technologies to create your component or product.

Custom Molded Plastic Solutions

Panova specializes in producing high-quality custom molded plastic solutions. We use a wide range of technologies—from injection molding and thermoforming to vacuum forming, blow molding and extrusion—to create your component or product.

Molding Methods for Custom Molded Plastic Solutions

The Pavona engineering team’s extensive knowledge of plastics and manufacturing technology enables us to offer a variety of plastic molding technologies. Our technologies can suit your needs for custom products or meet your component requirements.

The Panova team specializes in creating custom molded plastic solutions that are sub-miniature to large in size and simple to advanced in complexity. Our engineers can determine the appropriate technology to use in developing your product.

Technologies Used in Custom Molded Plastic Solutions

Following is a list of some of the technologies Panova’s engineers have experience with in creating custom molded plastic solutions for our clients:

Blow Molding

Blow molding is the method of fabrication in which a warm plastic hollow tube is placed between the two halves of a mold cavity and forced to assume the shape of that mold cavity by use of internal pressure. This process forms hollow articles such as bottles and tanks.


Extrusion is the process of forming continuous shapes by forcing molten plastic material through a die.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the method of forming objects from granular or powdered plastics, most often of the thermoplastic type. The material is fed from a hopper to a heated chamber that contains a screw. The heat softens the material, making it easier for the screw to shear the material and push it into a mold. Pressure is maintained until the mass has hardened sufficiently for removal from the mold.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is the process of molding plastic around preformed metal inserts. This process is compatible with thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

Multi-Shot Molding

Multi-shot molding is the injection of two or more materials, in sequence, into a mold during a single molding cycle. The injection molding machine is equipped with two or more plasticators.


The thermoforming process involves forming a thermoplastic sheet into a 3-D shape by clamping the sheet in a frame, heating it to tender it soft and flowable, and then applying differential pressure to make the sheet conform to the shape of a mold or die positioned below the frame.

Vacuum Forming

With vacuum forming, a heated plastic sheet is drawn against a mold surface by evacuating the air between it and the mold.



    Panova Can Satisfy Your Business’ Need for a Custom Molded Plastic Solution

    Thousands of different plastic materials are available on the open market. Finding an exact specification can often be burdensome for clients.

    Based on product requirements or environmental specifications, Panova can specify the optimal plastic material for your product.

    This is where the Panova team comes in! We take a holistic approach to materials selection by considering the industry, application and long-term material availability to ensure the success of your product or component.

    Our Materials Meet Industry Requirements and Are Durable

    Our team is able to provide materials that meet many common industry requirements. These include ink adhesion standards, snap-fit applications in which cyclical deformation occurs and many more applications in which high strength and impact resistance are essential.

    Whereas our competitors’ products repeatedly fail when used in tough applications, Panova’s custom molded plastic solutions have continued to show they’re up to the task and built to last!

    Custom Molded Plastic Solution Manufacturers
    Panova is a custom molded plastic solution manufacturer. Our company also provides high-quality sealing washers along with custom rubber molded products, including seal boots.

    If you have any questions about our products or would like to request a quote, our friendly and helpful customer support team would be glad to assist you.

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