Self-Sealing Washers

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Self-Sealing Washers

Panova manufactures a product line of Self-Sealing Washers and Self-Sealing Lock Washers engineered to provide long-term reliability in a wide range of rubber seal applications. Our Self-Sealing Washers are conveniently designed to use in combination with standard screws and bolts to seal out water, oil, dust, solvents, and other intrusive materials or contaminants.

  • Our one-piece molded Self-Sealing Washers are designed with offset sealing elements that allow the seal to fit with standard, oversize, and eccentric holes.
  • Our standard washers are made from stainless steel, bonded with a sealing element that is made from either silicone or Buna-N rubber.
  • Our symmetrical Self-Sealing Washers feature identical designs on both sides. This allows for a simpler, more streamlined installation process and facilitates automated assembly solutions.

Self-Sealing Washer Features and Benefits

Manufactured from premium quality rubber materials, Panova’s custom self-sealing washers provide reliable sealing for screws and fasteners. Upon installation, the screw head seals, stopping the ingress of water, oil, and dust to protect internal components and/or prevent corrosion. Additionally, our self-sealing washers feature carefully-engineered elastomer properties which provide ideal screw tension once compressed.

  • Metal-to-metal contact provides torque control and a premium finished appearance.
  • Sealing element is not exposed to external damage, improving long-term reliability.
  • Designed to work with vacuum sealing as well as high-pressure liquids or gasses.
  • Reliable rubber seals which completely prevent leakage or intrusion of liquids, gasses, solids, and dust.
  • Engineered to conveniently work with standard screws and bolts.

Self-Sealing Lock Washers

Panova’s Self-Sealing Lock Washers are economical washers that are ingeniously designed to provide sealing and locking simultaneously.

Molded within each of our Self-Sealing Lock Washers is a high-quality lock washer with internal teeth that is encapsulated in rubber. Internal tooth-lock washers have teeth located along the inside diameter to provide a good connection with fastener heads and the mating surface. This connection prevents fasteners from turning, slipping or loosening due to vibration or torque.

Our standard Self-Sealing Lock Washers are available in quality stainless steel or zinc steel. The standard sealing materials used are silicone or Buna-N rubber.

Self-Sealing Lock Washer Features and Benefits:

  • Vibration-resistant seals.
  • Simultaneous sealing and locking.
  • Durable one-piece construction.

Custom Self-Sealing Washers and Materials

If our standard washers and their sealing materials do not meet your application’s needs, our engineering team will be pleased to work with you to provide different materials and/or design a custom solution to meet your project’s specific requirements. We can also manufacture these self-sealing lock washers in stainless steel and use different sealing materials.

Your Source for Seal-Sealing Washers and Other Quality Molded Rubber Products

Panova is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of quality-built custom sealing washers. Since 1977, our company has manufactured high-quality, self-sealing washers and self-sealing lock washers along with other custom rubber and plastic-molded products, including a product line of Switch Seal Boots.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to request a quote, our friendly and helpful customer support team would be glad to assist you.

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