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Self-Sealing Washers

Self-sealing washers are used in combination with most standard screws and bolts to seal out water, oil, dust, solvents and other materials or contaminants. We designed our sealing washer product line to meet most requirements. If a standard design doesn’t meet your application, a custom solution can be developed to meet your specific requirements.

Self-Sealing Washers

Panova’s one-piece molded self-sealing washers are designed with offset sealing elements that allow the seal to fit with standard, oversize, and eccentric holes. Standard washer material is stainless steel and standard sealing materials are silicone or Buna-N rubber. Other sealing materials are also available. DFARS-compliant self-sealing washers are available by request.


  • Metal-to-metal contact provides torque control and a finished appearance
  • Sealing element is not exposed to external damage
  • Designed to work with both vacuum and high pressure
  • Seals liquids and gases in or out
  • Works with most standard screws and bolts

Self-sealing Lock Washers

These economical washers are engineered to provide sealing and locking simultaneously. Each unit is a high-quality, metal internal tooth lock washer encapsulated in rubber. Internal tooth-lock washers have teeth located on the inside diameter to provide good connection with fastener heads. This prevents fasteners from turning, slipping, or loosening due to vibration or torque.


  • Vibration resistant
  • Simultaneous sealing and locking
  • One-piece construction

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