Product Design and Development Solutions

Since our company’s inception, we have provided our clients with world-class engineering and design support that meets the needs of each project. Panova is your partner for the product design and development of individual components and complete products. From technical brainstorming to prototyping to final product delivery, we have the expertise to launch your products and solve real-world problems.

Custom Design and Prototyping

Once our team and client have agreed on a design, we move into product prototyping. This process can include:

  • 3D-printed samples in a variety of materials and durometers.
  • Functional mock-ups from a combination of different manufacturing processes.
  • Samples from prototype tooling using the proposed production manufacturing process.

Product and Tooling Validation

After prototype samples are approved by the client, the product is moved into the production validation stage. Should any changes be needed after review of the prototype samples, the Panova team will carefully review these changes to ensure that we fully understand the “what” and “why”. Upon complete clarification, changes to the tool or process are made, and another round of samples are run, inspected, and submitted for client approval.

Once the custom design is ready to be tooled, we aid in developing tool designs and Design for Manufacturability (DFMs) to ensure that the tooling will not affect any of the design criteria. Once tooling has been designed and built, first article samples are run. Typically, clients will receive two parts from each cavity of the tool (or two “heats”). First articles are bagged and labeled according to tool cavity number and submitted with full dimensional detail inspection reports.

Testing and Certification

As a final step to validating the product, Panova is able to recommend and offer third-party testing and certification for our designs to such standards as ISO, UL, and ASTM. We also offer photography and digital renderings of the product to clients for marketing use.

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