Rubber Compression Molding Services

Panova’s industrial rubber manufacturing capabilities include compression molding services for precision-formed rubber parts. Utilizing quality heat-cured, high-consistency rubber (HCR) materials, we are able to produce virtually any custom rubber components in-house while maintaining the utmost in quality and consistency.

The Rubber Compression Molding Process Explained

Rubber compression molding involves placing rubber material or compound into a mold cavity. The material is compressed into the mold under extremely high pressure, then heated to cure the material and shape it into the desired form of the product. Afterwards, the molded rubber is cooled and excess material (also known as “flash”) is trimmed away.

Compared to other custom rubber molding methods, compression molding is a relatively simple and economical process while still offering good dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. Panova’s compression molding services can accommodate an extremely wide range of part sizes while offering our customers the lowest-cost tooling possible.

The Advantages of Panova’s Rubber Compression Molding Services:

  • A Simple and Cost-Effective Molding Process – For many projects, compression molding is the most cost-effective manufacturing option, especially when it comes to low-volume and medium-volume production runs. The custom molds that we use in compression molding are typically less expensive to manufacture compared to injection molding and other more advanced processes. The simplicity of custom mold manufacturing makes compression molding more economically viable for small-scale production.
  • Design and Material Flexibility – Our rubber compression molding services are compatible with a wide range of rubber materials and elastomers. This flexibility allows us to choose the most suitable material for each unique contract manufacturing application.
  • Minimum Material Use for More Sustainable Manufacturing – We typically use pre-cut rubber blanks (or pre-forms) to make the compression molding process as efficient as possible. These blanks are precisely shaped to fit each custom mold cavity. The accuracy minimizes material use and reduces waste, making the process both more economical and sustainable.


Quality Compression Molding Services

Since 1977, Panova has worked alongside leading OEMs, contract manufacturers, parts distributors and suppliers in providing quality rubber molding solutions. We have consistently expanded upon our contract manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers with a complete supply chain solution – from new product development, engineering, and prototyping to high-volume production of existing products through compression molding and other custom rubber molding solutions.

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