Product Testing and Certification

Does your project require a certificate of conformance? Does it require UL, CE, RoHS, REACH, or DFARS documentation? Do your products require any additional third-party testing, such as for intrinsic safety?


As a final step to validating the product, Panova is able to recommend and offer third-party testing and certification services for the products we produce. We provide complete product testing and certification solutions in accordance with such standards as ISO, UL, and ASTM. We also offer high-quality product photography and digital renderings of the product to clients for marketing use.

From the design stage to manufacturing and testing, from the certification of your products to full-scale production, Panova is a total solutions partner capable of streamlining your project from start to finish.

Design-Product and Tooling Validation of a plastic injection molded product

From Product Validation to Full-Scale Production

Panova is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of quality-molded rubber products. Our company is a total manufacturing solutions provider – from the product design and validation stages to custom testing and certification protocols. Through our complete range of integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions, we strive to simplify your supply chain and provide your products with a streamlined path to production.

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