Rubber Injection Molding Services

Our rubber injection molding services accommodate high-volume, custom-molded products and other projects requiring reduced cycle times. Next to liquid injection molding, our injection molding process offers the shortest cure time, with moderately complicated tooling needed.

An Overview of the Rubber Injection Molding Process

In this custom rubber molding method, rubber material or compound is fed into an injection barrel and warmed by the temperature-controlled barrel or through the shearing action of an auger-type screw or plunger. The material is then fed into the runner system and mold cavity through hydraulic or electric ram pressure.

Next, rubber is cured through the heating of the rubber from the injection process and the heated mold. The cured rubber part is removed and allowed to cool, with excess material removed.

The Advantages of Custom Injection Molding Services

  • Highly Accurate and Precise: Rubber injection molding offers high precision and accuracy. This unique process gives rubber parts manufacturers the capability to produce a wide range of components with extremely tight tolerances and complex geometries.
  • Highly Consistent and Repeatable: Injection molded rubber parts can be produced consistently with virtually perfect repeatability from one product to the next. All tolerances are held and quality is uniform, ensuring component compatibility.
  • Extremely Customizable: An extremely customizable manufacturing process, injection molding can produce a wide variety of rubber products of different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials.
  • Less Material Waste, Higher Sustainability: The injection molding process is extremely efficient. Manufacturing materials are precisely controlled, generating minimal material waste and making for a more sustainable production process.

Material Versatility for Custom Molded Rubber Products

Rubber injection molding services offer material flexibility to your project. Panova’s expertise in material science has helped manufacturers and business owners explore, pursue and create top-notch rubber products since 1977.

With our knowledge of and access to a range of rubber elastomer types, we are experts in choosing the best rubber materials to optimize the performance of your custom injection molded products. Panova’s engineers are ready to design and formulate a compound that will meet your longevity and life-cycle testing needs.

Quality Injection Molding Services and Molded Product Solutions Since 1977

Since 1977, Panova has provided quality-backed rubber molding to OEMs, contract manufacturers, parts distributors, assemblers, and suppliers throughout the world. We have continually expanded upon our custom manufacturing capabilities to provide our clients with a complete supply chain solution – from new product development, engineering, and prototyping to the high-volume production of existing products.

Our company supports manufacturers who face technical or service challenges with their product development and contract manufacturing needs. Unlike vendors who compete as quoting machines, we leverage our engineering and supply chain expertise to become trusted partners, shaping solutions together with our clients.

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