Custom Metal Manufacturing Services

Panova can manufacture virtually any custom metal component with precision accuracy and repeatability. Backed by decades of versatile experience in the metalworking industry, our engineers know what it takes to design and produce quality metal products through a uniquely optimized manufacturing process.

Complete Metal Machining, Forming, and Fabrication Solutions

Panova’s contract manufacturing experts provide expertise in the modern metalworking industry’s most cutting-edge production technologies – from CNC machining to photochemical etching. Our breadth of experience and flexibility enables Panova to offer a truly optimized metal manufacturing solution to meet the requirements of each unique product.

CNC Machined Metal Parts and Components

Panova provides custom CNC machining services to manufacture virtually any metal component accurately and repeatably. Our CNC machining services rely upon a selection of multi-axis milling machines and CNC turning centers to accommodate a wider range of difficult-to-produce parts with complex machining requirements. Additionally, we provide CNC machined plastics to accomplish more complex design requirements than possible through conventional molding.

Other Metal Manufacturing Services

In addition to our CNC machining solutions for precision metal products, Panova utilizes various other metal manufacturing technologies to provide our customers with a more complete, single-source solution. Our auxiliary metal manufacturing capabilities include numerous methods of fabrication and forming, die casting, stamped products, as well as photochemical etching optimized for miniature and micro-machined components.

Quality Custom Molded Products and Metal Manufacturing Services

Panova can provide your project with a streamlined manufacturing solution for quality metal products. Combining state-of-the-art machining, fabrication, and metal forming technology with our full-service capabilities in rubber/plastic molding, we offer our customers a more complete, single-source contract manufacturing solution.

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