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Posted by Jonathan Tiongko on Dec 28, 2017 10:42:34 AM

In 1977, my father, Edward A. Dimitry, founded AME Corporation. As an engineer, material guru, and entrepreneur, he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge to solve complex design problems with simple solutions. It was with this spirit and expertise that he laid the framework for AME Corporation to become a leader in rubber-to-substrate bonding and made it the go-to company for hard-to-manufacture products.

As customer needs and manufacturing have changed over the years, so has our approach to solving unique customer challenges. We don’t just provide products to our clients. We have expanded our services from manufacturing to product design and development, and expanded our global presence with additional supply chain resources, enabling us to craft custom high-value solutions for our clients.


Just as we have evolved the approach to our business, we felt it was time to revisit how we present our business to our clients, industry, and community. The name AME Corporation doesn’t clearly express our approach or our values. With those thoughts in mind, we have rebranded and are now known as Panova.


The name Panova (pan+nova) fuses together our strengths — collaboration and light. In the spirit of collaboration, we aim to shed light on our partners’ challenges and promote creative thinking to solve unique problems. We are also expanding our product design and product development capabilities. We bring this to our partners with an approach that we call “Simply Solve.” With our rebranding, we have launched a new website – panova.wpengine.com – that highlights our Simply Solve approach to product development, engineering expertise, plastics and rubber manufacturing, as well as our core product line. Our new blog provides insights on trends in product development, case studies, and other resources.


In addition to the rebrand, we have launched our Love Care Lift program. This initiative focuses on activities that provide inspiration and kindness with company partners and within our community. Behind every transaction there is a person. You never know when an act of kindness will save someone’s life or be paid forward in unbelievable ways – and it’s cascading effect will be beautiful to witness. As part of Love Care Lift, we have begun a card ministry that will bring words of praise, thanks, and encouragement to our extended Panova family. Just as we would welcome friends into our home, we opened a Guest Care Center at our headquarters that offers water, snacks, and other materials to visitors. We also participate in volunteer events around our community of Morris County and northern New Jersey, including a volunteer mission at a local food pantry.


As we embark on this exciting new journey, we will continue to hold onto the history and culture that has been a beacon to our company, partners, and family. It’s part of who we are and how we collaborate with you.


Since my father started the company 40 years ago, we have prided ourselves on achieving high-quality manufacturing solutions for our clients in a variety of industries and applications. And we will continue to honor this legacy as we move forward.

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