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Custom Molded Rubber Solutions

Panova has been a leader in the rubber molding industry for over 40 years. Through our founder’s experience in tool and die design, extensive knowledge of elastomers, and engineering expertise, the foundation was laid for Panova to become the premier custom rubber products manufacturer. 

Panova engineers partner with clients to Simply Solve technical challenges in rubber molding. Through product development and reverse engineering, we see your vision through from material selection to prototyping, and from manufacturing to quality control.

Molding Methods

With our extensive knowledge of elastomers and manufacturing technology, Panova is able to offer a variety of rubber molding technologies that suit your product or component requirements

Sub-miniature to large. Simple to complex.

Panova engineers can determine the appropriate molding technology for your product, including:

  • Compression Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Injection Molding


Material Science

For over 40 years Panova has helped manufacturers and business owners explore, pursue, and create top-notch products and solutions.

With our knowledge of and access to a range of rubber elastomer types, we are experts in choosing the best rubber materials to bolster the performance of your product or application.

Our engineers are ready to design and formulate a compound that will meet your longevity and life-cycle testing needs.

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Bonded Solutions

For components that are required to perform multiple functions, while remaining cost-effective, Panova can engineer a rubber-to-substrate bonding solution. 

The key to successful bonding is the selection of a compatible bonding agent and elastomeric material for the required substrate. 

Our extensive experience includes bonding to metals, commercial and engineered thermoplastics, fabrics, and composites. 

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