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Custom Molded Rubber Solutions

Panova has been a leading producer of high-quality custom rubber molding solutions since 1977. Our expert team uses a range of technologies to create the component or product your business needs.

Panova’s Clients Value Our Extensive Experience and Engineering Expertise


When our clients choose to work with Panova, they soon recognize their businesses will benefit greatly from working with a team that has a strong engineering background and superb track record in creating custom rubber molding solutions.

Through our founder’s experience in tool and die design, extensive knowledge of elastomers and engineering expertise, the foundation was laid decades ago for Panova to emerge as the premier custom rubber products manufacturer.

Panova’s engineers partner with clients to solve technical challenges in rubber molding. Through product development and reverse engineering, the Panova team sees your business’ vision through from material selection to prototyping and from manufacturing to quality control.

Custom Rubber Molding Methods

With our extensive knowledge of elastomers and manufacturing technology, Panova is able to offer a variety of rubber molding technologies that suit your product or component requirements

Sub-miniature to large. Simple to complex.

Technologies Used in Custom Rubber Molding Solutions

Following is a list of some of the technologies Panova’s engineers have experience with in creating custom rubber molding solutions for our clients. Our team can determine the appropriate custom rubber molding technology to be used with your product.

Compression Molding

Compression molding is a method of molding in which the rubber material or compound is placed in a mold cavity. The mold is closed using hydraulic or electric pressure, compressing the material to conform to the mold cavity’s shape. Next, rubber is cured through the heating of the rubber from the heated mold. The cured rubber is then taken out and given time to cool. Excess material, also known as “flash,” is trimmed.

Compression molding has the longest cure/cycle time but represents the simplest and lowest-cost tooling.

Injection Molding

Next to liquid injection molding, injection molding offers the shortest cure/cycle time, with moderately complicated tooling. In this custom rubber molding method, rubber material or compound is fed into an injection barrel and warmed by the temperature-controlled barrel or through the shearing action of an auger-type screw or plunger. The material is then fed into the runner system and mold cavity through hydraulic or electric ram pressure.

Next, rubber is cured through the heating of the rubber from the injection process and the heated mold. The cured rubber part is removed and allowed to cool, with excess material removed.

Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid injection molding, sometimes referred to as LIM, delivers the shortest cure/cycle time. In this process, a two-part silicone is fed into a mixing head through hydraulic ram pressure. From this mixing head, the mixed liquid silicone is fed into an injection barrel. From this barrel, the mixed liquid silicone is funneled into a runner system and mold cavity via hydraulic or electric ram pressure.

The liquid silicone is cured through the heating of the material from the hold mold. The curing time of liquid injection molding is usually about one-third to one-sixth the time required for solid or gum rubber. The cured rubber part is removed and allowed to cool, with any excess material trimmed.

Transfer Molding

Transfer molding has a slightly more-complicated tooling process compared with compression molding. In this process, rubber material or compound is placed into a mold “pot,” located above the top mold plate. Using hydraulic pressure, the tight-fitting plunger squeezes rubber material from the pot through the gates into the mold cavity. Rubber is then cured through the heating of the rubber from the heated mold. After the rubber is cured, the mold opens, with the plunger raised up from the pot and the “transfer pad” removed and discarded. 


    Material Science

    Panova has helped manufacturers and business owners explore, pursue and create top-notch products and solutions for more than 40 years.

    With our knowledge of and access to a range of rubber elastomer types, we are experts in choosing the best rubber materials to bolster the performance of your product or application.

    Panova’s engineers are ready to design and formulate a compound that will meet your longevity and life-cycle testing needs.

    Material Science Resources

    For additional material science information, we welcome you to review the following resources:

    Bonded Solutions

    Bonded solutions are for components that are required to perform multiple functions while remaining cost-effective.

    The Panova team can engineer a rubber-to-substrate bonding solution based on your specific needs.

    The key to creating successful bonding solutions is making the selection of a compatible bonding agent and elastomeric material for the required substrate.

    You can be assured that Panova’s extensive experience includes bonding to metals, commercial and engineered thermoplastics, fabrics and composites.

    Panova Can Satisfy Your Business’ Need for a Custom Rubber Molding Solution

    Scores of different rubber materials are available on the open market, but, for most clients, identifying the best specification for their business’ needs can prove to be challenging.

    Once we learn about your business’ product requirements or environmental specifications, the Panova team can select the best rubber material for your product.

    We take a holistic approach to materials selection by considering the industry, application and long-term material availability to ensure the success of your product or component.

    Custom Rubber Molding Companies
    Panova is a leader among custom rubber molding companies. Our company also provides high-quality sealing washers along with custom molded plastic products.

    If you have any questions about our products or would like to request a quote, our friendly and helpful customer support team would be glad to assist you.

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