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Posted by Ehren Dimitry on Mar 21, 2017 1:02:49 PM

At Panova, we’re not just a company that provides products to customers. We are a company that really desires to bring supreme value to our clients by leveraging our engineering expertise and supply chain management to craft a high-value solution for our clients. All that comes together to provide the best type of solution to the client — what we call Simply Solve.

My father started this company because he believed in providing a high level, technical manufacturing organization that leveraged engineering prowess in the industry. He started AME Corporation in 1977 based on that principle and became a leading rubber products manufacturer.

As the years went by, our company evolved to meet the market changes and client requirements. One of the things that first started happening was the broadening of breadth of our products and solutions that we provided. We started off in rubber as a core competency. We grew into plastic components and also metal components in support of rubber and plastic bonding.

As I look back on history, there are two things that I got from my father. The first is how important it is to have a family-like environment and that translates into the relationship we have not just within our organization but also with our clients and suppliers alike. The other is that you have to have the technical mastery that clients require.

In our overview video, meet members of our Panova team and learn more about how we partner to Simply Solve your challenges.

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