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Product Design

Panova is your partner for the product design and development of individual components and complete products. From technical brainstorming to prototyping to final product delivery, we have the expertise to launch your products and solve real-world problems.

Design & Engineering

Our team of engineers and supply chain experts work with you to identify your Design Support and Product Development needs and put the right people in the right places at the right time, and Simply Solve your technical and service challenges.


Design Support

We work with our clients to fully understand their products and applications in order to provide recommendations on design optimization that may deliver better results and/or cost efficiencies. Whether a part or product is an existing design or one created by Panova, our engineering team will help you realize success. Learn more about Panova design support.


Product Development

Panova works as your single source to bring a component or complete product from conception to production. With an intelligent, experience-based design approach, we assist our clients with technical brainstorming, reverse engineering, material selection, manufacturing process analysis, prototyping, tooling, and production validation. Learn more about Panova product development services.

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