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Engineering & Design Support

Since our inception, Panova has provided our clients with world-class engineering and design support that meets the needs of each project. As we expand our expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we endeavor to provide you with an optimal customer experience.

At the start of every project, whether it is an existing design from the client or one created by Panova, our engineering team works with you to define scope and metrics for success in order to provide you maximum value. We seek to gain a complete understanding of a product’s application and environment, a critical point in both design optimization and material selection. Our engineering department leverages a number of resources to aid in not only materials selection, but also how to compound and process that material for optimum results.



At Panova, technology is integral to our ability to serve and support our clients. Leveraging our Certified Solidworks Professional training and certification, we are adept at working with imported geometry from a multitude of different CAD platforms, including .stp, .igs, .x_t, & .prt files. We use Solidworks Inspection to create customized ballooned inspection drawings and reports for each part we manufacture. We also provide top quality renderings for marketing purposes using Solidworks Visualize.

In addition, we use equipment to reverse engineer designs and test products. At our New Jersey headquarters, our engineers use the Starrett MVR300 Zoom Optics video measuring system to accurately measure, analyze, and reverse engineer down to the finest microscopic details. At our inspection facility in Shanghai, we use Eason VMS machines for first article and production inspection.

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