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Toggle Switch Seal Boots

Panova Switch Seal Boots are one-piece boots constructed of a flexible rubber boot element, bonded to a threaded metal insert, that fully encapsulates the switch and bushing to the panel. This assembly replaces the panel mounting nut and seals the mounting hole, making it watertight.

Toggle Switch Seal Boots

Designed for use with toggle switches, our toggle switch seal boots protect internal components of the switch from water, oil, dust, solvents, acids, and other contaminants.

Panova’s Toggle Switch Seal Boots come in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors. Custom sizes, materials, and colors are available to meet your specific requirements. 

 Features & Benefits
  • Offered in full size, half size (open bat), constricted full size, and miniature; all of which perform to the standard.
  • Most sizes are designed to meet Military Spec.
  • Creates a complete seal around switch interface    with switch panel.
  • Replaces panel mounting nut.
  • Vibration Resistant.
  • Does not interfere with switch movement.
  • Multiple durometer options for best “user feel”.
  • Can use thread adapters to fit additional sizes.

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