What is Simply Solve?

Posted by Ehren Dimitry on Feb 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Panova aims to help you shed light on your challenges and promote creative thinking to solve unique problems in product design, development, and supply chain management with a philosophy we call “Simply Solve.” Simply put, our goal is to be your partner, providing design, material science, and manufacturing expertise to bring your product or component to life in the most effective and efficient way possible.


What Simply Solve Means to You

Whether you are an engineer with CAD drawings and 3D-printed samples or an entrepreneurial inventor with a sketch on a cocktail napkin, you can trust our team to see your product come to life. As your trusted partner, we leverage our engineering and supply chain expertise to implement customized solutions that drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiency, and improve your time to market. Simple or complex, we have the resources needed to scale to your processes, project requirements, and timelines. 


We believe quality is defined by our clients. The direct measure of how well we are delivering on our quality commitment is the degree to which we meet our clients’ requirements, therefore we strive to supply products that meet or exceed your own quality and delivery expectations.


What Simply Solves Means to Us

“Get Things Done” is one of our core values, encompassing the ownership we take over our work and the accountability we are entrusted with in getting your project completed with “Well Done!” results. Throughout Simply Solve processes, we are consistently focused on delivering your product on time and in the most efficient method possible.


We seek to create a solution that is simple. That solution does not have to be highly complex to Simply Solve your challenge. When we explore a product design challenge, we look for the simplest, most complete solution that we can provide. Our goal isn’t to win awards for our use of leading-edge technology, or to promote our engineering staff’s design skills by developing the most complex component or product we can. Our goal is to Simply Solve real problems, understanding your product applications and desired results, and focus our energies on delivering.


Learn more about how Panova can Simply Solve your product design and manufacturing challenges! Contact us today for a free consultation on your next project!

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