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About Panova 

Panova, founded as AME Corporation in 1977, has been a leader in the rubber molding industry for nearly 40 years. 

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, we have become the go-to partner for custom rubber products, as well as switch seal boots and self-sealing washers.

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Contract Manufacturing Training & Guides

We can all agree that the world of manufacturing is a complex one, and with its ever-changing nature, the complexity will remain. Therefore, the team at Panova has developed pertinent training documents and guides to make things easier for our clients; as your success is our priority. 

Designing for Manufacturability

Molding Comparison Chart

Rubber Molding Processes 

Elastomer Selection Guide

Guide to Rubber Materials

Manufacturing Industry eBooks

Simply Solve – The Panova Process

Engineering Value Thru Contract Manufacturing