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In 2017, Panova launched Love Care Lift; an initiative that focuses on activities that provide inspiration and kindness with company partners and within the community. In line with this initiative, CEO & President, Ehren Dimitry, attended the Hoving Home’s 52nd Anniversary Banquet on May 8, 2019.

The Hoving Home is a non-profit organization serving women ages 18 and over who have been involved with drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, and other life-controlling problems. The 6- or 12-month program is geared toward rebuilding broken lives in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, support, and love. And in celebration of their 52nd Anniversary, they really spoke to the Love Care Lift belief about not knowing “when an act of kindness will save someone’s life or be paid forward in unbelievable ways.”

The evening was saturated with inspiration. Not only did Beth Greco, President, share the exciting things that have taken place over the last 52 years at the Hoving Home, but – also present – were women who are currently in and have completed the program, many of which who generously offered up their stories to those in attendance.

In addition to the sharing of past and personal success of and at the Hoving Home, Tammy Trent delivered her story of tragedy to triumph as the keynote speaker, there was a choir performance by Hoving Home women, and employees of Unshattered – a company that creates sustainable employment for those who have no safe community to return to after recovery – were there to showcase their work and purpose behind it.

When asked about his experience, Ehren expressed that he was “Overwhelmed by the complete joy that emanated from the woman’s faces. I don’t know that I will ever get over that.” He continued “It is not just about rebuilding lives, but giving them hope and a future.”

In short, a wonderful night was had by all, and Panova is honored to be associated with such an inspiring organization and we will continue to do what we can to support them, now and in the future.

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Note: Pictured are individuals from Ehren’s C12 Group that joined together to support Beth Greco (middle) and the Hoving Home. C12 Group is an organization that equips Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose


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