MDM West – Exceeding Expectations

Reflecting on my time at Medical Design and Manufacturing West 2019, I can truly say that the experience was nothing short of amazing. I had researched the show prior to going and had a good idea of what to expect, but no amount of research could prepare me for the feeling that I got when those doors opened the first day of the show. Walking onto the main show floor was impressive to say the least. Seemingly every aisle was capped with large 20’x20’ booths, most with large prefabricated structures towering overhead. The main floor was massive and, standing at the main entrance, the monolithic displays seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see in either direction. It being a medical event, these soaring booths seemed to shine with a clean polish, like an ivory skyline welcoming all who came. My awe grew greater still as I made my way deeper into the show, weaving my way through the aisles, each booth showcasing something more brilliant than the last. Robot arms, laser machines, massive touch screen displays – each device seemed ripped from the pages of science fiction. But this wasn’t my imagination. These products were real – the newest and most ingenious creations I’d ever seen, brought to life by dreamwork designers and mad scientist engineers. The realization that each of these new and impressive products were designed to enhance the way we approach medicine was beyond impactful. I was literally standing at the forefront of medical technology. Once the importance of where I was and what I was looking at truly settled in, I started to see my relevance in all the spectacle. Each of these products was manufactured by companies just like mine – many had components specifically manufactured using custom rubber and plastic injection molding. To think that our work at Panova could facilitate the next big breakthrough in the medical device field was something that would inform my perspective for the remainder of my time in Anaheim, and still does today. Manning our booth, I greeted each guest with gusto. Knowing that each interaction – every handshake, every lead generated, every great conversation had – was a chance at not only cultivating business for Panova, but at potentially helping to realize a product that could one day improve the quality of life for a complete stranger. Every business card given and received was not just a new opportunity for us, but a genuine chance to help better someone’s life down the road. At Panova, we pride ourselves on being a light in the lives of all we serve. My experience at MD&M West 2019 gave that notion profound significance. As a non-technical mind from a small company attending our first big show, it was an event that gave my day-to-day work far more meaning that I had previously thought. From the impressive size and scope of the show to the wonderful people I met there, MD&M West 2019 was one for the record books. It has forever changed the way I see my profession, and I could not be more grateful for the experience. I can’t wait to see what next year’s show has in store.  

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